Thursday, November 5, 2009


Are you all ready for NDS this Saturday?  Well, even better than a "DAY" Gotta Pixel is starting their NDS celebration early.  Starting tomorrow, Friday, through Sunday, GP is having a STOREWIDE 50% OFF sale!  How awesome is THAT????  In celebration, I am releasing a brand new package of Word Art, entitled "Let's Talk Turkey."  You can pick up a freebie sample HERE and purchase the whole package for just $1 HERE I have used many elements from Katie's Castillo's kit (also called "Let's Talk Turkey" - which, of course, is where I got MY title!), so be sure to check it out at Katie's blog!  You will NOT be disappointed.  And be sure to check back tomorrow, as I hope to have Part 2 completed for you!  Have fun shopping this weekend!


  1. Very cute! I especially love the pumpkins, Thanks!

  2. Um, I can't seem to find the link?


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